Service & Repair


  • All bills are payable in full before boat is launched.
  • We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and personal checks. No American Express.
  • No outside labor is allowed without PRIOR approval of Delta Marine Services. ***Please consult with the yard office for subcontractor requirements.***
  • 24 hour launch notice is required. Please arrange your launch in the customer service office, or in the store on weekends.
  • We cannot be liable for any damages to the vessel due to its inability to withstand a normal haul and launch as a result of its age, construction or design.
  • All parts and materials must be purchased on-site at Delta Marine Sales.
  • Water, air and electricity included at no expense.


  • Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
  • Saturday: 9am-12pm
  • Sunday: Closed


Call Tony Faso or Karen Hartung at Delta Marine Services for more information.

(888) 261-5564

Travel lift Rates (50-ton capacity, 18ft beam capacity, 4 Slings Capable)
Haul, Setoff and Launch (minimum $200.00)
(includes high-pressure wash & environmental surcharge)
0-49ft $10.00/foot
Haul, Setoff and Launch (minimum $200.00)
(includes high-pressure wash & environmental surcharge)
50-69ft $12.00/foot
Haul, Setoff and Launch (minimum $200.00)
(includes high-pressure wash & environmental surcharge)
70ft Plus $15.00/foot
Offload and/or Onload
(includes setoff, high-pressure wash & environmental surcharge)
Offload and Direct Launch $10.00/foot
Haul, Hang in Slings and Launch
(includes bottom wash & environmental surcharge)
$8.50/foot plus $150 per hr (first 1/2 hr free)
Forklift-(Operator Included-Requires 24hr. notice, 30 minutes minimum, billed by 15 minute increments) $100/hour
Note: Travel lift available Monday-Friday during business hours. Saturday hauls available by appointment only, additional fee will apply on Saturday hauls.
Yard Rates
Labor (1 hour minimum thereafter billed in 1/2 hour increments)   $99/hour
Outboard Repair                                                                                                
Rates for Lay Days (Self Service Only)


Any Size Boat $1 per foot/day (minimum $30/day)
Lay days double after 10 consecutive days in the yard. Monthly Rates available, contact us for more info.
No lay days when work is being performed by the yard. Day of haul out is not charged as a lay day. Sunday not considered a lay day. 
Long Term Storage Rates

Contact us for more info on our long term
storage rates and availability.